It's been decades since the infamous Manhattan Project was hidden away in Central Appalachia at Oak Ridge, TN. During that time spies roamed our mountains in search of national secrets during WW2 and leading up to the Cold War with the Russians. 

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Looking for something to read about Appalachia or from Appalachian authors? You'll love this episode of Appalachian Shine! Make sure to pick up some of these gems for the book lover in your life this holiday season.

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Well, we all learn something new everyday. And today I stumbled upon some fun history that I didn't know about. Little Newbern, VA was a shopping hub and possibly the first location in Appalachia that embraced buying gifts for Christmas! People travelled from far around to the Great Wagon Road that took them to downtown Newbern!

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We're all aware of the issue of income disparity in Appalachia vs. the rest of the country. A recent article on Bloomberg (shared on our Facebook page) reveals how far behind we are on owning income generating assets. This is an important piece of solving our economic issues that we can start to impact right now. 

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In the 1950's Wytheville, VA was thrust into the national spotlight for having the highest per capita ratio of the polio pandemic. It was running at twice the national average. Wytheville, then a tourist destination, had to shut down and put up a sign to warn travelers away. 

We can find a lot of similarities in how we handled that outbreak in Appalachia and how we are handling COVID-19. "We've been to this rodeo before," as one elderly man recently told me. 

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100 years ago this month the Battle of Blair Mountain in West Virginia made national headlines, putting the fight for unionization on the front page in every home. 

Also, will Appalachia be prime real estate in 50 years?

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Robert Prather, author of The Strange Case of Jonathan Swift and the Real Long John Silver, joins us for part 2 of our discussion about the possibility of lost treasure in Eastern Kentucky and his theory behind the legend. 

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Author Robert Prather, The Strange Case of Jonathan Swift and the Real Long John Silver, sits with us to discuss this mysterious Appalachian legend and takes us on a real life journey of an American patriot and the founding of our nation. 

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The AT has a fun and unique history and a vibrant culture filled with amazing stories and unique characters.



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Author and school teacher Cathy Conley of Knott County, KY joins us to discuss the rich and fun history passed down by her grandmother and how that became the inspiration behind her books. Cathy shares a passion for Appalachia, her Eastern Kentucky roots, and has a unique view from the "holler" she calls home. 

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