Fort Witten has a long and storied history, one of great importance not just to the pioneer settlements in Central Appalachia, but it (along with others) helped set the stage for America settling the west!

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Sgt. York was a war hero and international star from Eastern Tennessee. Baseball has a long history in Appalachia going back to right after the Civil War! What was the name of your town's team?

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Fan of the movie Tombstone? Sure you are! Texas Jack Vermillion rode with Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp on their infamous ride to take down the nefarious gang known as the Cowboys. Do you know where "Texas" Jack was from? It sure wasn't Texas!

Bill Hartley, Vice-Mayor of Bristol, VA joins us to discuss tourism in the region and the long term vision of growth in the city, Vision 2034 and maintaining that small town feel in the process. 






Adam Mason ( joins us for this episode of Appalachian Shine. We talk about Gates of Hell Cemetery, the search for aliens in Green Bank, WV, and a place where miracles supposedly happen. 

In this episode we're joined by entertainer, small business owner, and children's author Jahmal Potter of Norton, VA. Jahmal's latest book is Where is the Woodbooger, a fun adventure for children! The Woodbooger is a regional term for Bigfoot, for those who haven't heard the word before. Listen to this show, then go do the Woodbooger Boogie!





Gayle Leeson is an Appalachian author with 31 books to her credit. We discuss her cozy mysteries as well as other books she's written, how she is inspired by the world around her. Saddle up for this discussion and make sure to check out her books on Amazon! Support local artists during these tough times. We need them as much as they need us. 







In this episode of Appalachian Shine we talk with Ricky Barton of OAC (Outdoor Adventure Centers) in Tazewell, Virginia. He discusses the growth in outdoor tourism and adventures, hiking, camping, ATV trails, the Appalachian Trail, kayaking, and countless other things to do in region. We also talk about how the counties and state are working to grow the industry and how effective it has been. 




In this episode we discuss the latest report by the Appalachian Regional Commission that highlights the economic standing of the counties in the region. We also welcome Adam Mason to talk about the legends and mysteris of Kentcky #Appalachia The Foundation For Appalachian Advancement is a 501(c)(3) organization. 


In this episode we sit down with Dan Swanson, author of Benjamin's Journey: An Appalachian Memoir, and author Victoria Fletcher, owner of Hootbooks Publishing and president of the Appalachian Authors Guild to discuss their thoughts on Hillbilly Elegy, the powerful themes of Appalachian writers, and promoting our region through their work. They also discuss the benefits of being a member of the guild.

You can find Dan's memoir on Amazon.


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